A Great Opportunity

This is your chance to work for a successful company, with an environment that allows you to succeed.

A Great Environment

Work with good people that respect you and know your value. Understand that every employee is important at the AptMovers.

A Great Position

Earn money based on your successes and skills. Our sales representatives can command excellent salaries that could reflect your talent.
Sales Representative - Inbound Multi-Media Contact Center
Phone Number:  
Email Address:  
Are you computer literate and familiar with Windows and Microsoft Office?  
Are you familiar with Outlook and other e-mail programs?  
Can you type?  WPM       
Have you worked in a call center?  
Have you ever sold professionally?  
Do you consider yourself a competitive person?  
Do you like busy, action filled environments?  
Do you like talking to people and helping them solve problems?  
Can you work on the phone for an 8 hour day with breaks and lunch?
Are you willing to take a pre-employment drug screening test?  
Is this a summer or part time job for you?  
Do you have friends or relatives in the moving industry?  
What is your highest level of school completed?
Have you taken any sales training courses?  
Are you money motivated?  
Are you afraid of rejection or of people telling you no?  
Do you like working on teams?  
What did you do at your most recent job you held?  
If it was Sales or Marketing, what was the product or Service?  
What was your Annual Income for the last year that you were in sales or marketing?  
Do you have a resume?